Friday, February 3, 2012

"Scandahoovian" Troll Burn! (almost)

Tonight was the local, very first, "Scandahoovian" winter bonfire here in Mount Horeb, our new home. They were supposed to burn a wooden Troll, but burned a bunch of pinecones instead. Apparently, according to the man with the torch, the troll was made from a hunk of wood that was soaked in creosote. There were concerns of "toxic smoke." I can see that I guess...

Part of me, of course, wonders about creating one out of straw to burn. Considering my background, as a museum exhibits preparator, I think I could create a really good piece. Once we're settled into the new house, and I have an adequate workshop, I may look into doing one. We could always just burn it ourselves...


  1. I love these photos. You really captured the event. (And maybe we can get you on the burning committee next year.) -- Jane Burns

    1. Thank you! We really enjoy living here. I can't even begin to explain how excited we are. In just two months from now we'll be in our new house on N. Grove Street.