Sunday, August 4, 2013

Shots from Early On

When I decided to open this site a few years ago I also thought it would be best to improve my processing skills. To that end I built a new workstation, and retrained myself in how image processing. I now find that the work I once found acceptable is now sub par.

I have been working at combing through my archives images. I always save photos by date. So I have complete sets of photos store in organized folders by day of the shoot, month, and year. I'll burn a data CD or DVD of the complete set before deleting everything but the chosen few.

I'm so glad I did it this way! Now I comb through these old data disks, reprocessing images, as well as gems I'd passed on the first time around. It also gives me a real sense of what I've been doing with my work.

Another benefit is looking at great old shots of my wife when we began this wonderful adventure.