Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hello Snow!

Up to about a week ago the weather here has been extremely mild. Little snow fell for most of the winter and a lot of people really commented on dry it's been. As I said, that was until this week. Finally we're getting some decent snow fall!

Instead of us driving in separately, Teri drops off Freja goes to work, I pick up Freja go home, I like to drive them both in. I feel better doing the driving in the Jeep. It means having time to kill in Madison but I've been using it well. First I found a great coffee shop called The Froth House. I can enjoy a good cup-o-joe while I plan my menu, shopping list, etc..

Our commute is pretty easy too. Country highways, with nice views, for a good portion of it and then literally a straight shot to where Teri works and Freja goes to school. Here's a map showing part of our route. Almost 7 miles, no turns, just motoring along. This never happens in Pittsburgh! You're lucky to find a straight MILE in PA! LOL

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Anyway, after a lot of research on snowshoes I surprised my family with new gear. We'd never done it before so Saturday we headed to our local park for some practice. It was nice, though Freja seemed to enjoy being towed on her sled more than anything. I guess that's to be expected! Teri & I really enjoyed it and can't wait to get a daytime sitter so we can go exploring!