Tuesday, March 7, 2017



"My anxiety's clawing
Out from deep within me
It burns within as my throat begins to cauterize

This negativity's leeching
Any shred of composure
Rationale has decayed and left me bound in madness

I reach for calm
I starve for a balance unknown
This burden tortures me deep in my soul

I've found that strife won't make the bleeding stop
Nor will it take away the pain
I feel like this search is all in vain
And I struggle to find my way

How I yearn for the silence
For an end to the voices
The calamity grows and the deafness leads to disarray

Guilt buries me alive
In a coffin criticized
I shouldered the blame and dug this hole for me to lay in
" ~ Trivium, 'Strife'