Saturday, October 1, 2011

House Inspection

After dropping Freja off at school we went to the house we plan on moving into come spring. We went for the house inspection, and just to see the house again of course. We just love this home! Both of us really appreciate Arts & Crafts style houses. To have found one that we both love, in a town we both like, seems like destiny.

What was especially wonderful was getting to know the current owner a little better. She told us all about the neighborhood, and the quirks of the house. We're hoping to get to know her a little more. It would be especially nice to learn all there is to know about the place from someone who's been there for 40 years.

Off to School You Go

It was Freja's first day of school. She's attending the Preschool of the Arts. It's a great school that uses the Reggio Emilia approach to teaching. A method we feel is ideally suited to her personality.

I'm sure it's going to be a big adjustment for her. First we moved to a new city, then she began school and then I head back to the old house for about a month to wrap things up. I hope she handles it as well as a 3 year old can.

The staff of the really has impressed us with how much they're willing to be flexible and understanding of our circumstances. First in allowing her to begin late, and then allowing us to add afternoon daycare for the month that I am gone. They also seemed to be able to integrate Freja into the class even though she's so new to the experience.

Of course, after only her first week we were called because she'd stuck a wad of tissue up her nose and couldn't get it out... oh brother.