Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day, 1st Canoe Trip in WI

On Mothers' Day we went on our first canoe trip in Wisconsin. I packed up a picnic lunch, got the gear out of storage crates, and picked what I hoped would be a quiet lake. Just shy of an hour's drive west of our home is Blackhawk Lake, a "no wake" body of water. It proved to be very peaceful indeed. The water was so amazing clear we could see the bottom, at least until it became too deep!

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The really incredible thing was just how many fish we saw! I don't think I've ever seen so many panfish, bass and pike! From little babies to a couple of trophy sized fish! It made me want two things; one, to start fishing again after all these years, and two, to get a quality polarized filter! I didn't even try to take photos of the fish as I had the wrong sort of lenses on me, and no polarizer...

We ended the trip with a nice picnic in the shade. There was a decent little playground, a small beach and a handful of children for Freja to play with. One of her favorite things to do was collect snail shells along the beach. We let her get in the water as it was so warm. A perfect day really. I do believe we'll be going back!