Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Been Busy...

It's been a busy time, so I haven't spent time updating this blog. We've been getting ready to move into the new house, dealing with our old house, and doing a lot of family stuff. The time is flying by! The funny thing is, I haven't felt like shooting much this month. Even a week long trip back to PA with Freja didn't stir me to shoot.

One of the things we've been doing is exploring the new home range, which I expect is something we'll do for years. We've discovered great places to enjoy a leisurely coffee on a Sunday morning, as well some of the local attractions. Teri and I have even had a day time date thanks to great sitter! I have to admit, we're also spending more time around the new house, walking the neighborhood and driving by to look at the house.

Another thing that had me busy was taking care of Freja. She had a minor bought with strep throat. Nothing serious as it was caught just as it started. She also had an infected, ingrown toe nail that was soar. First she was ill, and then I took her to the old house back in PA for over a week. Ten days of just the two of us was really nice.

Just a couple of weeks to go until we move!