Sunday, October 2, 2011

Leaving Moraine Behind

After picking up some tools from my father I took quick spin around Moraine State Park. It never occurred to me how sad it would make to leave this particular patch of ground. I've been coming to this lake since I was a little kid. It was created around the time I was born in fact. There's a connection I feel with it I cannot explain. So many memories. It's the one place I think I'll miss the most outside of family homes.

Black-throated Green Warbler, Dendroica virensOsprey

A Hand in My Chest

Coming back to an empty house was a lot harder than I thought. All I can see are "ghosts" of the past. For the first couple of days I had trouble sleeping, and just walking around the place makes me feel as if there's a hand in my chest, squeezing. It's as if I've lost them, even though I know there in Mount Horeb, and I'll see them again. It all happened to fast! From the time I met Teri until now has been a blur. It's hard to work on the house.

I took a short drive just to get out of the house. I made the mistake of going to Mount Odin Park, where I took this photo. It was a mistake to go there. This was the park that Freja and I went to the most. On the way back from grocery shopping we'd often play here before going home. I've not felt this sense of melancholy in many, many years. All I could do is reminisce.

She loves to play hide and seek, especially at the playground on Mount Odin. She’s more personality than most adults I know. What a hambone…

I have to snap out of it...

A New Frontier

Three days in the new town and I get my first shoot. How cool is that? The house inspector's wife owns JJ's Home, et cetra, a boutique on Main Street. They needed a photo taken of a special troll carving that's making the rounds of the local shops. All I had was my 35 f/1.4L and one flash head. I'd traveled very light, leaving all my gear back in PA.

They wanted to highlight the fact they're the exclusive Trollbeads seller in the area. While it's not the best shot technically, I think I was able to do OK for a "punt" shoot. After arranging the scene just so, I had the store owner hold my flash head, bouncing off the ceiling and using plan paper as a modifier. The idea was to make it look like light from a large window off to the side.

I have to admit it was fun. If only I'd had the right gear...

Troll Carving byMike FeeneyTroll Carving byMike Feeney

It was also nice to get to know someone from the town. So far everyone I've met has been really pleasant and easy to interact with. I've even gotten a good dose of gossip on people I don't know yet! It's going to be interesting to live in small town where folks seem to know each other well. We'll always be "that Pittsburgh couple" I'm sure.

I think this will be a great place to base my business from. Of course, it will be a while before I'm truly in the air. I have to begin with the basics, like finding a CPA to help me understand WI tax laws. Fortunately the owner's of this particular store have one in their family. It'll be my first stop when I begin to set up.

There's a great sense of excitement as I think about the various directions I hope to explore and expand upon. There's an entire new region for me to work in! I've taken the time to review just about all the local photographers' sites, both here in this town and in Madison itself. There's a lot of talent, and artist skill to be had. My style is somewhat different though. It's not better, but I may be able to offer something else. Hiring a shooter is like hiring a portrait painter. One may specialize in abstract, another impressionism while another high realism. It's entirely subjective, based on the taste of the consumer.

With time, I think I'll do very well here.