Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Chapter Begins

I've decided to begin my own photoblog. It's not going to be a photo/day type blog. I've done that before, taking photos everyday and then writing/posting them one per day. Instead, this is more about a journal of my life, career and family as we embark on a new chapter in our story.

As I write this first entry, it's more of a back story really, my wife and daughter are 600 miles from where I sit in our old home. This past weekend I moved them from Southwest Greensburg, PA to Mount Horeb, WI. My wife, Teri, has a brilliant new job ideally suited to her in Madison. I am looking forward to rebuilding my business up from scratch. With all that I now know, it's going to be refreshing to a have a chance to begin again.

I thought a blog would be a good way to tell our story, to help keep track of our new adventure.

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