Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Last Two Weeks

While there we actually set a move date and came up with an action plan. The next two weeks were some of the busiest and most stressful as a couple. Thankfully we held it together and were able to make our move date.

As the two weeks went by I have to admit I began to feel a sense of sadness. While I never felt any ties to the Greensburg area, having only moved here a couple of years ago, I was the happiest here. I've felt such a simple joy at being a father and husband. Since I've met Teri I've found that intangible something I've always glimpsed over the horizon. Now I bask in that light.

The mother of my child.

I'm very proud of her not being timid in her decision to leave her old job. She'll always have my support! Besides, we always talked about this sort of scenario when we met. It's going to so exciting to explore, absorb and try to flourish in a completely new environment with her! 

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