Friday, June 1, 2018

The Driftless

The Driftless

Early this morning I followed a whim and grabbed my longest zoom lens and headed out as soon as the kid was off to school. I ended up at Brigham Park, just past where I now work at Cave of the Mounds. There's a view there that simply tickles me. You can ​see around sixteen miles from the top of the smallest of the two "Blue Mounds." That's the Wisconsin River Valley you see off in the distance. Not long after shooting this a man came riding up to me on his bicycle, I could tell he was a distance rider and hailed him. He was up from Chicago, and was scouting out the area. Having seen that view earlier I helped him map out a bike quest from the Cave. He passed by this view, which is a nice meandering ride down the Mound into a charming little valley. I told him how to also find a scenic restored Prairie, and the best trout stream in the area. His route then brought him back full circle through Stewart Lake, past my house and to the local brew pub. From there he could take the Military Ridge trail to his camp in the nearby state park. It made my day knowing I'd sent him off to see things I knew he'd really enjoy. By the end of the day I received an email thanking me and letting me know he's bringing his scouting troop up over the summer to explore, come to the Cave and asked me to guide their tour. God, I love my job.

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