Friday, June 2, 2017

Gates of the Soul

Gates of the Soul

I stood before the doors of the Temple for the first time today. Up until now I have used the visitors' entrance at the bottom of the main stairs. I've been doing volunteer work there for a short while, mainly in the forest and gardens. I'd hoped to be sort of a volunteer forester of sorts. Late yesterday I was asked to come present my portfolio. Today I did so and it was one of the most intimate conversations I've had in a while. Not the nitty-gritty of the everyday you don't share with people, but the really deep aspects that have meaning to me. ​It was totally unexpected, and I honestly thought they were going to ask me to cut the grass on a regular basis when I first was asked to come talk. To be given a shot at capturing the Temple, the culture, as well as being welcomed to explore the Noble Eightfold Path has left me wondering at how quickly life can change. And so I stood at the door of the Temple.

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