Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catching Up: New Home!

It's been a while since I've updated this blog. After closing on our new home March 30th, life's become very hectic. All the packing up from the apartment, unloading PODS full of stuff, renovations, etc., have left little time for online activity. I didn't even have my workstation set up until this past weekend, May 12th! I'll try to quickly sum up everything...

To begin, the 30th was a GREAT day, at least for Teri & I. After waiting for 6 months we were finally the owners! For months all we've done is imagine living in the house. On that day it became a reality. We didn't move in right away, instead taking two weeks to begin redoing things while the place was empty.

While we were ecstatic; Freja, on the other hand, wasn't so thrilled. She'd just become used to the apartment and didn't truly get excited about our having to move again.

I think this photo of her sums it up.

To be fair, when you're told this is going to be your room, when you really wanted to have the attic, it can be a downer.

As you can see, our first order of business was removing ALL the wallpaper in the house. Every room had it! We hired a contractor to come in and take it out, leaving the walls primed and ready. It was the most frustrating, unprofessional job I've ever dealt with. BUT it was done! We then were able to start actually painting rooms.

Waiting for the work on the walls also meant waiting to unpack everything. Our garage was packed to the rafters by piles of "stuff." We also kept one of the storage PODS for a while, waiting for room to open so we could unload. I think carrying crates, boxes, and furniture around has been the most tiring part of this.

Within a short span Teri repainted Freja's room. We unpacked a LOT of Freja's toys, furniture and such. It was like Christmas all over again! This made her very happy indeed!

While it's not completed, lots of details to still do such as curtains, shelves, artwork, etc., we think the room's very different now. Most importantly, Freja loves it!

Her kitchen fits in her closet too!

She's her goofy self again!

I have to run, as there is a lot for me to do today. I'll write more later.

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