Thursday, May 2, 2013

Combing the Archives

I've been finally working on getting my older work back online. After initially setting up this site in 2011, and then retraining myself, and also building a new workstation, we then moved 800 miles. Needless to say, this put a damper on combing through my archives in search of "gems."

White-tailed Deer

Thankfully when I am done processing images from a shoot, I eventually archive all the shots taken onto DVD. While I delete the unused used images from my hard-drives, I always have a collection of the original shoot. Starting with the 2003 collections, I have been going through those old disks. What I am finding is that there are some decent shots I'd ignored.

Chinese Geese

Using much better techniques for processing images for presentation, and having stricter color management, is resulting in much better image quality. Of course, it's a very tedious project, and I am just now starting to rework 2006 shots. In the end, I believe it will result in a much broader body of work. I'll then have more time to write posts on this blog.

White-tailed Deer

Also, I am still shooting the daily photos. I just haven't had time to process them, or write stories. Hopefully, with effort, I can be done with the archives soon. I really only have to get to 2011, when I began using this new site.