Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Photo a Day Project Begins!

At the end of the summer of 2011 I basically "hung up" my gear in order to move us from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin. While I still took photos here and there, mainly of family, I didn't truly shoot much. I'd set 2013 to be when I'd break out the gear, and move forward with my craft, and business.

Freja playing in front of our old house as we load up the shipping container.

The most important aspect of all is that I'm going to focus on shooting again. It's finally time to begin playing with gear! It's time to get out of this house, which is nearly done (on the inside anyway)! I've a whole new state to explore, new friends to make, and an opportunity to flourish in a place I'm happy to call home.

Our new home, and office.

As I mentioned, it's the shooting part, more than the business, that is the most important. I have to admit I feel rusty. I only had ONE wedding in all of 2011! I've been feeling pent up, ready to roll, for a while now. I need to relax, hone my skills, and also learn more about where I live. I'm choosing to do an old project that was invaluable to me early in my photographic adventure.

My new office!

In 2003, a decade ago, I did a Photo A Day project. I took photos every single day for a year, posting the best one of each day. As time passed I learned how to wield my camera, how to write about my day, and also a lot about where I lived. I met many new people, found places I'd not seen. All in all it was the most important project I'd ever done.

What better way to loose the rust? I've a new venue to explore, new friends to make, and some new gear to shake down. So, the goal is the same as last time. Shoot every single day, only this time, instead of just posting one photo, I'm going to blog a little about it. I'll be able to then include additional photos from that day, and others, to illustrate whatever I write about. Obviously I'll not post every single day, but I'll try to at least once/week!

SO, here we go!

January 1, 2013

Teri had heard of the Great Wolf Lodge from some kid's daddy that Freja was playing with. He told her all about the huge indoor water parks, and how kid centric the place is. With that in mind, and saying the mantra, "it's for the kid, it's for the kid," we booked a room for the New Year's weekend.

The place was a riot of kids, all drenched in chlorinated water! I didn't even try to take photos in the water parks. People seemed to stake out every chair like old timey 49ers with a claim. Water, water everywhere, and no where safe for gear!

As midnight approached, and kids up past their bed time melted down around us, I broke out my gear. Freja and Teri donned the masks and hats they'd spent time in the kids' craft room decorating, and we headed to the "dance hall." Basically they emptied the lobby of chairs, placed a DJ on the balcony, set up a bar for the adults, and let her rip!

The BIG event my daughter was anticipating was the BALLOON DROP!! Concepts of years, time, and passing from old to new just doesn't matter when you're five. Balloons falling from the ceiling? Now that's something!

So my photo/s for today, this first day of my PAD 2013, are of my daughter catching her New Year's balloons! Runner's up are the two shots I took on the very cold drive home. Thankfully we live only an hour drive away!