Sunday, March 25, 2012

Last Weekend Renting!

It was a very mellow weekend for us. Having less than 7 days to go before we own our new home, we thought it would be best to simply relax. Life is going to become very busy indeed, so a couple of days of doing nothing important made sense.

On Saturday we just went for walks around town, enjoyed a breakfast at Fink's, and took Freja to a playground. Teri went to a knitting class, making use of the birthday gifts I'd given her. She's been knitting a lot lately, it's so good to see her enjoying a hobby. Her previous job kept her so busy there was little time for her to do something just for herself.

Today, Sunday, the weather was simply PERFECT! Sunny and in the 70s! We can't believe it's March, my least favorite month of the year. Usually, at least back in PA, it's gloomy, cold, and damp. This year it's more like late April!

I packed up a picnic, strawberry spinach salad, and drove us to Aldo Leopold Nature Center. Today they had a special Maple Syrup fest. While Teri & I found it a little dull in comparison to other similar events we've seen, Freja really enjoyed herself. That, in itself, made it worthwhile. Afterward we enjoyed our picnic at Stewart Lake, near the new house. Before you know it, we'll be swimming here!

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