Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Greeting His Holiness

Greeting His Holiness

Ngawang Kunga, Sakya Trizin Emeritus (now known as Kyabgon Gongma Trichen Rinpoche) is greeted on his first visit to Deer Park Buddhist center & Monastery just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. He is considered to be second only to the Dalai lama in the spiritual hierarchy of Tibetan Buddhism. His lineage is an ancient one, and he is thought of as the very personification of the Wisdom of the Buddha. I had the absolute honor of being asked to come photograph his arrival, and this intimate greeting in his quarters by the monks of Deer Park. I cannot wait to go photograph his upcoming teaching session at the Temple! When I needed to learn more about compassion the Dalia Lama himself appeared in my life a few years ago. At a time when I know I need to bolster my wisdom, and I've been writing about my sense that it's time to transform again, the Buddha again appears. How is so that I find myself in the presence of just the sort of knowledge and guidance just when I need it? I am truly blessed. I can no longer take it for granted but will embrace this opportunity. I didn't need to go climb frozen mountains in Asia to find this resource. I simply moved to Wisconsin of all places and it was here waiting for me.

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