Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Final Blow

The Final Blow

One of the events that I looked forward to the most while I was at Pennsic War 46 was the Tuchux Charity Tournament. While watching the big battles where thousands of people in armor bash each other is fun, I really like watching the one on one matches of this tourney. Basically it's MMA in armor and using weapons made of wrapped rattan with high density rubber warheads. It's an awesome display of martial skills. Within the first five minutes I pointed out the Knight on the left to my kid. I told her, "you watch that guy, he's going to make the final round." There are four "bear pits" in which an evenly divided number of fighters are grouped. The are randomly paired and the weapons randomly handed out. The fighters never know what they'll get, it could be a spear, a sword, an ax, etc.. Then through displays of martial skill, ferocity and guile they try to beat each other. The winner stays in the pit and gets a mark. They go many rounds until the top two of each pit then fight. Eventually there are only two fighters from all four pits left. This shot is of the winning blow being delivered by Sammick, clan leader of the Red Lions Tuchux. All proceeds of this event go to support the Drop in the Bucket Foundation, an organization that grants wishes to chronically, and terminally ill adults.

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