Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pennsic War 46 is Coming!

Pennsic War 46 is Coming!

In just a few days the 46th Annual Pennsic War will begin. @coopers_lake_campground will swell from a population of a handful of folks to over 10,000 people from ALL over the world. This is not a renfair where tourists can come in to stroll around and have fun. Nope, this is an event where EVERYONE on site is part of the culture that forms there as a whole. Historical re-enactors from a wide range of "Periods," from the 16th Century back to days of Before the Common Era, all come together in one place. Just some of the things to do is to attend classes on a variety of historical subjects, mingle with friends from around the globe with similar interests, partake in a very WIDE variety of "historical entertainments," and of course, bash each other with blunted weapons while wearing armor and competing in contests that test their skill at arms.

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