Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mt Horeb's Art Walk

Mt Horeb's Art Walk

I picked up an interesting photo assignment for the local Tourism/Chamber of Commerce a few days ago. Last night was the town's Art Walk, an event aimed at kicking off our annual Art Fair weekend. Local businesses invited artists to display their work and offered refreshments. I was tasked with capturing "crowds" having fun enjoying an evening out on the town. The time frame was a two hour window. In order to eliminate the biggest variable, namely the "crowd," I decided to create my own group of "tourists." I invited a few folks I knew dressed well and were comely to meet for cocktails, and then basically we had ourselves an enjoyable "night out." There's something to be said for real experiences, and instead of posed shots we basically took a tour of a few of the gallery spaces and had fun. For instance, while checking out the needle felted wool masks created by Gwyn Padden-Lechten at the Cat & Crow they got to wear them. As they tied up their masks I quickly set up my lighting scheme. It was super simple, only one flash off camera bounced off the ceiling and gelled to color match the lighting. The group sort of fell in place with just a touch of direction from me, and then they just acted normally, like you do when you're wearing an animal mask. So while I didn't get to every single location, which was simply impossible, I did manage to capture some signature images that can be used for advertising this event next year. I was so wound up from the creative process I then couldn't sleep, only finally dozing off around 4AM!

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